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What is Stopping you from achieving true ERP business transformation?

  • 4 Jan, 2022
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What's holding you back from putting in place a solid ERP for business transformation?

This article is a must-read for businesses that are easily overwhelmed by ERP technology. It is primarily concerned with how businesses may properly plan their ERP implementation. Although today's latest ERP software is impressive, not all ERP software is a good fit for your company."

Companies that are considering installing an ERP system frequently focus on achieving short-term objectives while overlooking the business's ever-changing dynamics. As a result, time, effort, money, and resources are wasted. They need to buy that ERP which will help the businesses to streamline their short term goal with long term goals and help in achieving both of them.

Roadblocks which is hampering ERP business transformation

True ERP Business transformation is hampered by three roadblocks.

Resource Constraints

It's possible that the manufacturer or distributor is having trouble finding the necessary people to help them complete a full digital transformation. With conflicting goals, budget, time, and staffing are all at a premium. This is one of the roadblocks because of which businesses are unable to get the business transformation with the help of ERP.

Technology Overload

If the team directly went to watch and view the demos of ERP they will start to get overwhelmed with the "bells and whistles” of today’s ERP speed. Today's ERP gives them access to features they didn't have before and may not have even realised existed. In fact, many of the teams we deal with, call us at this stage of the review to assist them in understanding the sense of solutions, features, and functionalities of an ERP software that is currently accessible in the market.

Resistance to Change

BenchStep ERP is the All in one, Feature-rich, Cloud-Based ERP software that helps businesses manage all their business requirements from one tool. It is a One-Stop-Shop solution for all your business needs providing simple, hassle-free, and user-friendly software. BenchStep provides these 5 major modules covering all major operations of your organization.

It's usual for teams to focus on short-term achievements rather than accomplishing ERP business transformation for long-term gains. In general, the goal is to go live with new technology, get a new system up and operating, and achieve immediate stability. But what project doesn't meet are the objectives of "On Time, On Budget," and "Minimum Business Impact"?

But, once the dust has settled, are the results satisfactory to the organisation?

The majority of teams are simply relieved to have made it through and that the game is now done. Unfortunately, it is at this time that teams find they have spent valuable resources creating a system that essentially accomplishes the same things as before, with a few tweaks and new features.

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A Better Approach To Driving Transformation

So, what happens when a company integrates new technology into its old processes? Unless the focus is on altering business process improvement, there isn't much.


Using an ERP system as a technological enabler to transform your business processes necessitates first generating a vision of the future state from the existing state, and then identifying the project's business value.

When businesses have done their processes correctly, this foundation will align expectations with management, enhance project team efficiency, remove process waste, and shorten the project's time to benefit.

The team may describe the future state by evaluating in detail the current state process maps spanning cross-functional processes, now that projects are attempting to address the low-hanging fruit and appreciating the possibilities given by contemporary ERP systems.

Apart from examining current inefficient procedures, the team should consider what processes are now carried out outside of the formal system and what sorts of value-adding activities may be introduced in-house.

The "secret" comes into play when the future state process is completely documented and the newly planned procedure is communicated to the rest of the company in formal meetings.

BenchStep ERP Drives Business Transformation


When it comes to genuine change, we take a distinct approach as an independent ERP software provider. BenchStep ERP engagements optimize the value of each enterprise technology review, selection, and deployment while also transforming business processes.

We accomplish this by taking the time to develop the correct procedures, ensuring that they are used successfully throughout the project, and avoiding the frequent mistakes associated with ERP selection, assessment, and implementation. That's how you get your business transformed with the help of an ERP software.

BenchStep ERP is the One Stop Shop solution for all your business requirements. It is an All in one, Feature-rich, Cloud-Based ERP software that helps businesses manage all their business requirements from one software.

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