Leave Status

When employees are working, it is very important to have full information on the leave management. This Leave report will help HR admin to have the information of the users regarding leave. A complete list of all the employees will be given including the Work Month, Accumulated Leaves, Planned Leaves Used, Unplanned Leaves used, Bucket Leaves till previous month, Bucket leaves, and No pay days.

“Now let’s see the advantages”

  • In this report, Employee can be selected by searching their name in the search column.
  • The information related to the work month for which leaves information is being calculated will be shown.
  • Accumulated leaves cell will show the information of all the accumulated cells that are being there for any individual employee.
  • The data of number of leaves that are there in the bucket list and the number of leaves the employee has used will be shown here.
  • This will help the management to calculate the payroll for each month without much hassle.
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